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Upcoming Events

January 21 2016
Oxford Conference Center Southern Plate Lunch 160 People
Education Consortium Southern Plate Lunch   20 People
January 22 2016
Oxford Conference Center Suthern Plate Lunch - Separate Express  52 People
The PowerHouse Taylor Fish Fry Hosted Buffet   230 People
Novo Nordisk  Southern Plate Lunch Express Set Up & Go   50 People
January 23 2016 
University of Mississippi  All Natural Chicken Tenders Express Setup & Go  105 People
January 27 2016
Oxford Conference Center Suthern Plate Lunch - Separate Express  50 People
January 28 2016
Education Consortium Southern Plate Lunch   38 People
January 29 2016
Oxford Conference Center Suthern Plate Lunch - Separate Express  50 People
Ethel Young-Minor  All natural Chicken Tenders Express Set Up & Go   15 People
January 30 2016
Kappa Alpha  Full Service Plated Event   400 People
February 4 2016
Novo Nordisk Southern Plate Lunch Express Set Up & Go  25 People
February 8 2016 
Insight Suthern Plate Lunch - Separate Express  20 People
South MS Electric Power Assoc. Taylor Fish Fry Hosted Buffet 45 People
February 9 2016
First Presbyterian Church of Charleston Taylor Fish Fry Hosted Buffet  50 People
February 11 2016
Education Consortium Southern Plate Lunch   53 People
February 12 2016
Education Consortium Southern Plate Lunch   53 People
University of Mississippi Southern Plate Lunch-2 Entrees   100 People

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  • What they are saying

    Just wanted to let you know that everything was wonderful. Everything looked good, tasted good and I didn't get any complaints.
    We appreciate you just as much, if not more, than you appreciate us.
    Thank you,
    University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

    hank you once again for making our CME Fall Freshman Picnic another successful event with the wonderful meal. This was our best turnout yet, and your team did an awesome job as always. They were here on time and had everything organized and setup and ready for us. It simply could not have been any better as it was a perfect day/evening as well. We had so many compliments on the food and especially desserts and homemade ice cream which was a real treat.
    Your staff did an excellent job in presenting and keeping food out and fresh chicken tenders cooked up for us. It was a great event, and we really appreciate all of you at Taylor Grocery Catering. We missed you of course, but you have a wonderful team and they too very good care of us.
    Thanks again for everything Butch,
    Brenda Brannan
    Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence

    We cannot thank you enough for all you did for the rehearsal dinner. The food was never a concern because we knew it would be fantastic, and it was! We had so many compliments on it. We really appreciate your help in getting the place ready, lighting the candles, etc. since my help wasn’t able to be there. I was able to relax and enjoy the evening thanks to you!
    Thanks again for everything…you are a rock star!

    Merry Christmas Butch,
    It was perfect at the South End Zone. Y'all put the finishing touches on our hard work and we than you so very much. Please convey that to your serving staff as well. Cass was elated also. Our best to all of you and thank you again!
    Tony & Cathi

    Dear Butch and team,
    Who knew catfish and all the trimmings could be served so elegantly! You all did a beautiful job for the retirees at Carrier House last week. I do know it was extra work on your team. Please be sure they know how much we appreciate all they did. Our retirees were made to feel very special and we thank all of you so much. Warmest Regards,
    Lydia & Dan Jones

    I just want to thank you and your crew for coming down last night for our NWTF Gun Bash. The talk of the town is not the program and give aways last night but the food. But you've never let us down and I definitely want you to service more of our NWTF functions. You can send a man away from a banquet that doesn't win anything with a smile on his face, but not if his belly isn't full and satisfied. Get ready to come back to Louisville!!!! Thanks again,
    Wendell Womack